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                                                                       Odd K. Hauge.

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    My first place online arise the year 2000 with my gallery: On an Norwegian attic on good free Geocities .
The autumn 2001 was I pupil with Markedsinstituttet
on the course Desktop and Web publishing and while staying there become some of my other corners one reality. Sorry, but some of my free hosting corners have dissapered, as the time has moved on. Among them was: Bravenet,, EsmartStart,, Red rival and Yahoo, and last now Lyse in Norway.                                                  ***
My Opera, was the only place where, named here, I lost all my photos when it ended.

                                My corners now is:

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                             Bravehost in Canada

                   in Denmark

                         in Denmark

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Thanks for coming inside and welcome back ;o)

Paintings and studies collage by painter Odd K. Hauge.

This collage display one painting and these needed studies/paintings for this painting,
more or less cropped.

Collage of some drawings by OK Hauge

Collages as this, displaying works by me, is now to see
on Flicker
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